School of Dragons – The Game on Dragons and its Hack

Welcome to the School of Dragons, a new and exciting world where raging trainers dragons perfect their techniques exotic island of Berk! Get ready for fast-paced adventure: Explore new lands with Hiccup and Toothless, compete in races of dragon against other Vikings and paves the way for the title of best trainer of dragons. Points out that school is not for the weak: you will need to train rigorously, fly faster than everyone and study in depth. Join Hiccup and Toothless today in School of Dragons!

A game available for free on Facebook and on all mobile devices. If you subscribed to the social network, you can go directly to the game after you have installed on your PC the Utility Player application. The download will start automatically, then click on “Run.” The browser will refresh and start the game. At this point a screen will appear where you have to collect items to create the Viking to play with and you can do it by choosing the color of hair, eyes, skin, clothes and hairstyle. The Viking is one who attends school dragons, located on a volcanic island, not far from Berk. Here finally the new student chooses his egg containing the dragon that will moreover his sidekick.

School of Dragons is an online role-playing game, which is practiced by more people using the internet connection. In this adventure, you take on the role of a Viking, which is to take care of a dragon. The tasks are many and not all easy to carry. The puppy must be fed and to satiate his hunger, you have to manage a small farm, also having regard to its early age, he must learn how to fly and must be instructed to keep him from falling to the ground.

At first the game may seem boring, children may play to recreate certain situations, a little ‘less adults who prefer to reach the foundation of history, and relive the emotions of the television version, but it is still subjective. Anyone who has seen the animated feature will remain without words, because the game is presented taking into account the smallest details. The sound and graphics are of good quality, items are not made by chance, but all follow a narrative line.

Once you have available your egg, you have to wait for it to hatch, so to name the puppy, customize it by choosing the color of the scales and other details that make it unique. Once the dragon is independent, it can be ridden and used to pass through hoops, destroy boulders and collect coins. For the rest, there are many things to do with his friend the dragon, how to take care of the farm, go fishing to feed him, ride him, teach him to breathe fire, play with it. In the School of Dragons players learn the basics of using the scientific method, develop and sustain puzzle challenges.

School of Dragons unlike other games, does not start immediately, but the fun is evolving as we take care of the dragon, why not all are pleased with the game, unless you have a good dose of patience, you end up stop the hobby before starting it, plus every time you log, you must wait for loading presenting a series of images and dialogues in English, very monotonous and force you to wait too exhausting. You can purchase energy through the app like in the below screenshot or use a tool that can hack school of dragons and add free gems and coins into your account.

The most fun part of the game is when between Viking and dragon is established such an intense bond, to climb the position at the Dragon School. The adventure is guaranteed, in a world that navigates between fantasy and 3D animation. The game can be downloaded on the mobile with the possibility of continuing the adventure anywhere and resume playing where you left it.

Click here to play on Facebook, or visit the official website to download it from your smartphone or tablet to play online or off Facebook.

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