Power Rangers – From Japanese to global success

001 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

“Hey, now come the Hero Turtles, super-powerful Hero Turtles. Always on the lookout … “How? What? Wrong series? Damn it. But the generation is already true. In the approach. For many of us, the Power Rangers are a childhood recollection. The original series ran from 1993 to 1995 and has reached the absolute cult status over the years. Various continuation series, a new edition and three Kinofilme followed and the beautiful memory, with dinosaur action figures, which our parents have a fortune tasted.

002 – Super Sentai Zyuranger:

It all started with the Japanese live action series “Super Sentai Zyuranger”. The idea was to make the successful show also suitable for American television. The differences in Japanese and American culture led to many changes. More emphasis was placed on action and a new background story was constructed. The result was a pilot sequence of the so-called series “Dino Rangers”. A smooth purge – the project was resolved.

003 – The Return of the Witch:

Haim Saban and Shuki Levy, the creators of the “Power Rangers”, still wanted to implement their idea. So we got together again and produced this time at a higher level. The result was the “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and their pilot sequence “The Return of the Witch”. On the contrary, the show was a success and FoxKids commissioned 40 more episodes. A legend was born.

004 – Jurassic Park:

As strange as it may sound, the 1993 “Jurassic Park” film was the decisive reason for the later triumph. The great success of Steven Spielberg’s work has made dinosaurs more popular than ever before. The similar theme – the Rangers in Dino-Mechas – helped the series to the necessary success.

005 – Red Ranger:

The original red ranger was named Jason Lee Scott and was embodied by Austin St. John. He was the leader of the team and then – of course – the most popular character of the series.

006 – Tyrannosaurus dinozord:

Jason got to fight the Tyrannosaurus dino.

007 – Austin St. John:

After his exit at the series it was rather quiet around the actor. He took over the role of the golden ranger in “Power Rangers: Zeo” for 1996 and returned for guest appearances in “Power Rangers: The Lost Episode” and “Power Rangers: Wild Force” for 17 episodes.

008 – Pink Ranger:

The first pink ranger was named Kimberly Ann Hart. The American actress Amy Jo Johnson took over the role.

009 – Pterodactyl Dinozord:

Her Mecha was the Pterodactyl Dinozord – with double laser and all the trimmings.

010 – Amy Jo Johnson:

Johnson debuted with the “Power Rangers” and stayed in business after their exit. For example, she has appeared in various cinema and TV series, including “Success at Any Price”, “Interstate 60” and “Magma – The World Burns”.

011 – Black Ranger:

The first black ranger: Zack Taylor. The role was played by American actor Walter Emanuel Jones.

012 – Mastodon Dinozord:

His first string was the Mastodon Dinozord. Later, he got the Lion Thunderzord to defeat the more powerful monsters of Zedd.

013 – Walter Emanuel Jones:

Jones also stayed longer than others in the series and later had several guest appearances in the series. He also synchronized monsters from the show. To this day he plays mainly in series and smaller Kinoproduktionen.

014 – Yellow Ranger:

In the pilot sequence still embodied by Audri Dubois, the Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang took over the role of the first yellow rider.

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