Pokemon Go Tips and Cheats for Faster Level UP

Gotta catch’em all! If you are fans of the saga Pokémon then sometimes you will have heard this phrase many times. In these years the portable console were the main instrument through which you can spend hours of fun to play Pokémon. Now everything changes because it brings the Pokémon Pokémon Go on Android and iOS smartphones. Taking advantage of augmented reality, it will guarantee many hours of distraction.

It all began with the success of Ingress, a game developed by Google and Niantic which eventually laid the foundation for what has become today Pokémon Go.

Pokémon and Pokémon Go Go Plus

Created by Google and Niantic in collaboration with Game Freak, The Pokémon Company and Nintendo, Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that uses GPS technology. If it still is not clear this means that to play you have to physically walk with your smartphone in hand to the town. And conquer Pokémon, train them, challenge other coaches (players like you) and much more.

Pokémon GO is also compatible with a Bluetooth device named GO Plus Pokémon, a bracelet designed and created by Nintendo that allows you to perform certain game actions without necessarily watch for hours on your smartphone’s screen.

Pokémon Go: download for iOS and Android

Pokémon Go is available for iOS and Android devices from official channels and you can download from the following links:

Supported Devices


  • Devices carrying at least Android 4.4
  • Basic resolution 720 x 1280 (not optimized for tablet)
  • Strong Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)
  • GPS


  • iPhone 5+
  • iOS 8+
  • Strong Internet connection (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G)
  • GPS
  • Jailbroken devices not supported

First Start

Once downloaded and installed, the first time you must first choose which Pokémon starting. You will:

  • Squirtle: Water Pokémon
  • Charmander: Fire Pokémon
  • Bulbasaur: Grass Pokémon

You’ll have to catch the Pokémon to start and to do that you can also choose to turn on your camera (if your smartphone does not have the gyro can not use this function).

Be careful: you’ll need to capture center it otherwise your ball will fall to the ground or you will miss the Pokémon. You’ll see on the screen and you can capture the Pokémon. T here are a total of 18 different types of Pokémon. Each type has strengths and weaknesses against some other types. For example, fire is strong against the grass, is strong against water and the water is strong against fire.

How to catch Pokémon

To capture Pokémon you have to throw a Pokeball at the Pokemon swiping it. If done correctly, you will see the Pokeball hit the target. Each selvatice Pokémon will have a colored ring around it representing how difficult catching. The ring can be:

  • Green = Easy to capture
  • Orange = Medium to capture
  • Red = Hard to catch

Home screen

You will be shown on a map, around you there will be icons, small cubes of blue and light blue. Those are the Pokéstop (below I explain what they are). Bottom left is the icon of your character where you can access the personal profile and find out your level, diary, game start date, the team, the progress achieved and much more.

Central icon in the lower form of Poké Ball can access Pokédex (to check your Pokémon collection), the shop (to buy Pokémon eggs and more), the statistics of your Pokemon and other tools available.


The Pokéstop are merely points of interest of the city (museums, monuments, villas, etc.) where you can find Pokémon eggs and other objects. Just a side swipe on the circle that contains the preview of the monument and you can pick up objects (usually are released about three Pokeballs). The Pokéstop once used have a charging time of about five minutes during which change color from blue to purple, indicating precisely which can not be used.

Types of Pokeball and tricks

There are four different types of Pokeball Pokémon and Go are:

  • Pokeball: the most basic of Pokeball and even easier to obtain and cheaper to purchase. Standard Pokeballs are more effective at capturing common Pokemon.
  • Great Ball: is slightly more difficult to obtain and more expensive than the base. However, it is more effective in capturing wild Pokémon than the Pokeball.
  • Ultra Ball: Ultra Ball is the second most powerful Pokémon Pokeball Go and is much more effective in capturing wild Pokémon than the lower levels Pokeball.
  • Master Ball: is the strongest pokeball and can be effectively used to capture any Pokémon. To use with extremely rare Pokémon like Mew and Mewtwo.

Teams and Gyms

After reaching a certain point in Pokémon Go (level 5), you will be asked to participate in one of three groups: blue, red or yellow. Participating in a group can create a Pokémon Gym (fitness)! Gyms can be found in real-world places, just like PokéStop.
Join a team allows you to assign one of the Pokémon you’ve caught in an empty gym or in a position where a team member has placed one of his Pokémon. Since only one Pokémon can be placed in a certain place, you have to use teamwork to build a strong fitness. In short, you need a good team!

If a gym is already under the control of another team, you can challenge the gym. Gyms can be challenged if you belong to your team, whether you belong to one of two opposing teams. In the first case the fight will have as its ultimate goal to increase the prestige of the same gym as well as to enhance the experience of their Pokémon.
The greater the more prestigious give the number of Pokémon that you can assign to defend the same. In the second case, fighting gym will serve to diminish the prestige, when it reaches zero the gym back conquerable and we depositarci our Pokémon.


From the store, you can choose to buy tools to improve the game and speed up some processes or you can bypass spending your hard earned money and use the Pokemon Go Hack to get loads of PokeBall, Lure Modules, Incense and all the stuff available in the shop.

Find for example:

  • Incense: intense scent that attracts wild Pokémon for 30 minutes. Useful to attract Pokémon.
  • Poké Ball: is used to catch Pokémon.
  • Lure modules: to be installed on a Pokéstop to attract Pokémon for 30 minutes. Anyone nearby will benefit.
  • Incubator Eggs: helpful to put the eggs in incubation and make them hatch.
  • Bag: used to increase the space of the instruments.

How to find a specific Pokémon

‘Better to try Pokémon close to their habitat. For example, if you are at the beach or a pier, you’re likely to find Water-type Pokémon. However, if you are in a desert climate, it is much less likely to find Water-type Pokémon. You can see the type of Pokémon that could be found near your current location using the “nearby”.

You can find it at the bottom right in the main screen of the game. The Pokémon that are already in your Pokédex will appear colored, while those not in your Pokédex will be grayed out. When “in the surroundings by” button blinks it means that you are going in the right direction to capture the selected Pokémon. In addition, each figure is composed of 1 to 3 feet footprints: a paw means that you are very close, 3 that the Pokémon is away. Each paw indicates a distance of about 100 meters.

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