NBA 2K17 Tips and Legend Edition for PS4


Kobe Bryant Legend Edition includes the game in addition to the poster Kobe, Kobe Panini two playing cards, as well as Black Mamba themed artwork for the game controller.
The digital content is in-game virtual money 30.000, MyTeam + package, which includes three cards Kobe, Kobe Nike 11 shoes, Kobe # 8 Mitchell and Ness Kobe shirt and hoodie.

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NBA 2K17 puts down the perfect throw. The fans also have expected nothing else, because even the latest NBA 2K parts have lifted from other sports simulation. This year Tuners horny, new features have been improved again, incorporated, such as the lay-up control. So you lying a smooth start, we have summarized the best tips and tricks for NBA 2K17 in the Beginner’s Guide for you here.

The only thing that really does not make as good figure this year, is the way the Facescan wherein again once so must come out some monstrous, grotesque faces before her hinbekommt a reasonably good face, which resembles to you also. But that can be quite amusing. The fact is that players of previous NBA 2K parts certainly some things will be known already, which are addressed here in the Beginner’s Guide. But who has the AI as an opponent, also has an easy game. In real players that looks different – and how should you Dribbeling and Co. draufhaben.

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NBA 2K17 – tips and tricks for the basketball simulator

At first you should definitely try to stay calm and play accordingly. There’s no panic running through the area and give uncontrolled litters. Often such actions you take out completely. You should play at the beginning, especially against the AI and you memorize so the moves and practice the gameplay therefore. Load more nba 2k17 locker codes on to your account and incidentally, you can also take the assistance of the game. Gradually, then it works better and you will quite passable Player. Now Read our tips and tricks, then nothing can go wrong.

Tips and Tricks to Pick ‘n Roll

  • Who knows a little about basketball, knows what “pick and roll” is. For German it anyway means “to block and roll”. This is a standard move in basketball. Here are two attackers in possession and they stand against two defenders. The attacker without the ball blocked here the path of the defender, so that the ball guides can take an appropriate position to shoot.
  • You can help one of your players get by you press on the controller L1 / LB. He will then take over the blockade, so you can shake your defender. but you must not wait too long, otherwise it might be able to adapt your opponents the situation. In addition, could risk a blocking foul when you wait too long your teammates.
  • Using R1 / RB you can switch between roll and fade. Is your teammate namely a good middle distance launcher, then fades offer because he can then after blocking remove from the basket and then get a free throw.
  • You can also switch the block (right or left) by you press R2 / RT. That’s especially important that you turn your strong hand want to use.
  • Although the blockade has been successful, you should not only determined to Lay – Lay the up – or move on to Dunk. Surprised your opponents some games. The Dunk is the way the situation where a player slams the basketball through the basket and then remains casually hanging on the basket. To surprise opponents you could for example use Step Backs or Hesitations (a special Dribble Move) and unexpected passes.

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Tips and tricks for Team and Organization

  • During a match Teamwork counts. Therefore, you should get to know her your team and know the strengths and weaknesses of your comrades. This is a process which is very important if you want good games lie. Uses accordingly the strengths of your teammates to the thing.
  • The automatic change is not always the best option. Sets here rather own hand and look at managing your team. You can specify a much better line-up itself. Thus it is also ensured that not to place your players.
  • Especially when its online play, it may happen that you are playing against some basketball superstars. In this case you should ensure that also your Elite Defender care of those cronies. Only so you can allow to master even spontaneous situations well and lie good defensive stops here.
  • Keep the mismatches in the eye. If you see that one of your players is superior to his opponents hands down, then uses it and maneuvered the next pass to him.
  • Sometimes intentionally foul can be used intelligently. So you can use this to weak free-throw shooter. Your frustrated that their safe opportunities – she finally have got enough players.


Hopefully you these tips for NBA 2K17 have to help a little. We will of course play hard and expand the guide to tips and tricks, if we think of more.

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