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War Commander: Rogue Assault – RTS for all audiences

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Any good gamer who boasts will know, have tried or just heard about Command & Conquer. Well, the one who started War Commander: Rogue Assault and his developer, KIXEYE, is neither more nor less than the co-creator of one of the most famous RTS parents, Command & Conquer. KIXEYE, already has many games to his back, like VEGA Conflict, and with this title they pretend to be made with the mobile market. Will they get it?

Explosions and destruction
In War Commander: Rogue Assault our objective will be to conquer ground. For this we will have several units and types, Infantry, Mobile Units, Armor and Air Support, which we will improve as we progress in the game. The mechanics of the game are very simple, you select the units and you order them to attack, you can even select units individually increasing the possible strategies. The most novel is perhaps the fact that the construction, improvement or creation of units is instantaneous, if you have the resources you will have immediate access. This part is what makes War Commander: Rogue shine in front of his rivals, getting an addictive gameplay that has you glued to the screen. Added, War Commander: Rogue adds two Single Player campaigns and a very successful Multiplayer.

Not all that glitters is gold
Let’s go now with the bad, we have explained that the game allows you to get immediately available resources, but how do you get the resources? We will obtain resources conquering territories, advancing in history and sending the troops to collect.

The problem is that they are not achieved quickly or much less, so we change the waiting times of the classic Tower-Defense hours of play. There will be who you like, but this does not feel like a true RTS. The feeling of estrangement from the gender grows when we discover that to improve the Base, we will need days and days of resources and waiting. Very negative point.

War Commander Trailer: Rogue Assault

Final Review on War Commander Category: Rogue Assault

We have a wide variety of units, many construction possibilities and elimination of waiting times. It has several tactical possibilities, although as you advance you will grab one and repeat it until the end of time. Finally, the mix of two campaigns Single Player and the multiplayer mode will have you occupied, if not attacking, will be defending enemy offensives.

Graphics is a Delicate section. While it does not have bad graphics and the level of detail is more than acceptable, it stays a bit behind with the competition. It should be noted that the graphics are automatic when adjusting, something unacceptable at this point and that creates problems at times. They should work this point to make a game of 10.

As far as the sound goes you will have the feeling of being in the very war. Totally cared for and with a level of detail that has surprised me. Despite all the units that are grouped on the screen, you are able to distinguish which unit makes each sound and as expected, this makes you get full in the game. Example to follow regarding sound details.

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