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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Tricks

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Star Wars, one of the most important franchises in film history has not been able to miss the appointment with our mobile devices this year. And since the time appeared the first applications, large game companies and fought to get the exclusivity of this powerful IP. Especially this year, fans are in luck, and not just because the seventh film in the series premieres but because the increase under this title games shooting. So one of the most promising proposals comes from the hand of ELECTRONIC ARTS titled Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Hack Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a game that is based on Star Wars, and is to go heroes collecting and using their skills against the dark side or light side. You want to win all battles? You’d discover how!

This is not a chess game

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is a title very carefully and incorporating characters from all subframes brought to the big screen, that is, from the original series to the expanded universe of the Clone Wars. And it seems a great success because we can complement and justify this decision with the excellent gameplay that offers ELECTRONIC ARTS. But it is not yet time to talk about it.

If we had to describe the title less than two lines would seem disrespectful readers not say that it is a game of turn-based battles in three dimensions. Seems to find it hard to admit that this is a mechanism that works and that has its audience, no need to hide it, you need to claim it!

The staging is everything and it seems that Electronic Arts is very clear. From the first moment you start playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes you will realize that this is a game where you can collect your favorite characters, make them fight with their chosen yourself teams and you can battle with personalized team of other players.

Obviously we can not keep talking about Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes without highlighting its excellent graphical section that we expect a series of emblematic very careful and well recognizable by fans of the saga places: Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, Coruscant and beyond. Having said this, let’s see what is the objective that we presented in this title.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – The big goal

Our goal is clear, we must go collecting the largest number of holographic letters (ie, characters) possible to empower everything we can, being necessary to engage in countless battles against rival armies whole.

One of the pillars on which rests this production are precisely the battles, skirmishes that as a good RPG for mobile take place in shifts. Each of our characters has its own set of unique abilities: “regeneration, attack multiple opponents in a single turn, heal” and features based on force: “agility, intelligence and other traditional aspects”. The same applies to the attacks, which may be under way in each of our respective shifts to end the waves of rivals that come our way.

One of the weaknesses is certainly the narrative section. The story itself a real shame becomes a tremendously secondary element, considering that we speak of a saga story so rich as this one. But hey, we can bear.


The combat system is not bad recreated, but has a problem: it is invariable and unsurprisingly. At the beginning battles they are relatively attractive but, as they are happening, eventually get tired. And as in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes these battles are one of the most important elements, the gameplay just resenting.


Perhaps the most remarkable aspect, positively speaking. The character modeling work and recreation holders will be one of those major reasons why you’ll want to play again. Remember that you discussed this before, you relive famous landmarks such as Hoth, Bespin, Tatooine, etc.


Although the soundtrack of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is based on the work of John Williams, simply does the job, it does not stand out or is essential in the gameplay.

Enjoy Game yourselves! and we hope the little tricks that we have told you serve to be the kings of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.